Priority Hospital Group (PHG) is an inpatient, post-acute care hospital company.

PHG currently operates three long-term acute care hospitals (LTACH’s) and two inpatient physical rehabilitation units (DPU) located in Louisiana and southeast Texas.  Combined, our facilities contain 135 LTACH, 43 DPU, and 43 skilled nursing beds providing specialized care and treatment for individuals with medically complex and extended hospitalization needs. 

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to), ventilator management/weaning, complex physical rehabilitation, infectious disease treatment, complex wound care, critical care, skilled nursing, and outpatient physical therapy.

Our mission is to be a regional hospital management group dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services through experienced management practices.  To manage economically efficient hospitals while providing innovative and cutting edge care to patients and servicing the healthcare needs of our local communities. 

To work in partnership with the local medical communities and community at large assuring the highest ethical standards and achieving absolute compliance.